John Bull,

Managing Director

As managing director, I take pride in being an advocate for my advisors. My priority is coaching, developing and influencing the behavior of the advisors I serve in order to help them leverage and improve their skills, build meaningful client relationships, and successfully run their businesses. As a trusted coach, my approach is built on an unwavering focus on individual skill development through open communication and honest feedback. I strive to enhance partnerships across business lines with a relentless commitment to thinking outside the box to find more effective solutions.

I am proud to be working with a group of independent advisors that align beliefs in providing advice and guidance to clients throughout life’s financial opportunities and turning points.

My personal mindset is to always be improving your situation, and I extend that to my team of advisors. I am energized by the opportunity to help them challenge the status quo and discover new, innovative options to solve problems that range from the common to the complex. I highly value the personal connections I forge with my team, supporting and interacting with them, aligning their business goals with what’s most important in their lives, and helping them do what they do best every day.

A Minnesota native, I currently live in Rochester with my wife, Hannah, and our two sons. My spare time is focused on my two passions: family and the outdoors. My wife and I stay active with the kids, riding bikes, hiking and spending time together. I love being outside and enjoy boating, fishing and chasing waterfowl.

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